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Callaghan Country Prepares To Welcome The World

July 10, 2003 (Whistler, BC) – When the International Olympic Committee voted in Prague on July 2nd to award the 2010 Winter Olympic Games to Vancouver, Callaghan Country Wilderness Adventures Ltd. (CCWA) welcomed the announcement … READ MORE →

Mount Washington Resort Sets Stage

2010 Olympics - The Seven Year Plan

July 2, 2003 (Vancouver, BC) – Mount Washington Alpine Resort President Peter Gibson set the stage at the Premier's Olympic Summit in January 2003 with five words: “Mount Washington Olympic Training Site.” Now that the … READ MORE →

Scott Awarded Olympic Silver

July 4, 2003 – It has been an exciting last week for Canadian Cross Country Skiing. First the Swiss Supreme Court threw out the Russians appeal on Lazutina's doping convictions which moves Beckie Scott to … READ MORE →

Vancouver Wins 2010 Olympic Bid

July 2, 2003 (Prague, Czech Republic) – The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) is overjoyed that the Olympic Winter Games will be returning to Canada in 2010 and enthusiastically congratulates Vancouver and Whistler on winning the … READ MORE →

Ski Champion Looks Ahead After Doping Offense

June 30, 2003 (Park City, Utah) – U.S. Disabled Cross Country Ski Team athlete Candace Cable, who won three world championships and the season-long World Cup title last winter, is keeping a forward-looking approach despite … READ MORE →