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Biathlon Study in UK Says Top Male Athletes are Better Looking than Female Counterparts


August 26, 2017 – A recent study at the University of Exeter, UK, claims biology is the reason behind the study’s results that rank top male athletes as more attractive than top women says a report in New Science. Photos of 156 men and women who competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics in the biathlon were collected and rated for their facial attractiveness by members of the opposite sex, who didn’t know the purpose of the study.

Martin Fourcade and Marie Dorin-Habert [P]
According to the report, “For male athletes, there was a highly significant correlation between attractiveness and sporting performance. For women, there was no relationship. The results support the idea that men’s faces in some way signal their athletic ability, and that women have evolved to prefer faces associated with endurance.” – read more here.

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