US Biathlon WCup Trials and Camp in Canmore Wrap

November 30, 2010 (Canmore, AB) – I’m about to wrap up a 3-week camp in Canmore and I admit, I’m a bit sad to leave; the skiing, training, racing and support has been great. Not too mention the scenery, mountain town and a very good place to get a satisfying latte when it is -38C. I started out the trip with rollerskiing and bounding intensity sessions and will finish tomorrow morning with a long skate ski, hardly touching a trail twice. The main purpose of the trip was USBA’s World Cup Team Trial races. Unfortunately, I shot poorly and did not make the December international teams.

I might have missed a lot of shots, but I think I’ve gained an opportunity. I stayed in Canmore an additional week (thanks to generous and kind Canadian and Kiwi biathletes!) to start an additional month of training and preparation before the bulk of the season after the holidays. My fitness, strength and ski speed is optimal right now, which gives me confidence that when I fix the last piece of the puzzle I will be back on top. I’ve had a pretty good training season and physically know I am where I need to be starting the year. The second NorAm Cup in Mt. Itasca, MN is up next. It is also our IBU Cup Team Trials and the next opportunity that I have to continue on with the season internationally.

I’ve gotten in as much on-snow time and yoga as I can while here in Canmore. When I return home to Lake Placid I will be able to take a closer look at my shooting while on my home range with my coach. I have some ideas of how to fine tune my competition shooting and with the help of my staff, we will re-evaluate the mechanics of my rifle (its a bit like a well-loved old car – 13+ years old? – and could use some new parts).

The change of plan was tough at first, but not too tough. In this year I feel very lucky to have another month of solid training and some extra time at home before hitting the big time. There is plenty of opportunity to come and I am looking ahead towards January IBU Cups and continuing on with the rest of the biathlon season.

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