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Canada’s Burden Tops Women’s Freestyle at Masters WCup Day 3 – Interviews with Burden and McCabe

by Julie Melanson

March 08, 2011 (Vernon, BC) – Monday was the biggest day of racing at the Sparkling Hill Masters World Cup with 405 Canadians gracing start lines out of 1,000 racers competing in the short distance races – 5km and 10km – for either classic or freestyle technique.

“Perfect sunny skies, blue conditions and the tracks held up really well,” described American top master skier and former Olympian, Laura McCabe, of the near perfect conditions.

McCabe had another great day of racing winning silver in the women’s F03 10km CL at 9s behind the fastest woman of the classic races, Russian Liliya Vasilyva with a time of 31:26. “She gapped me by three feet on the downhill, and I just couldn’t quite get it back, but it was a good race,” she added.

Fellow American Leslie Hall took her second gold in the women’s F04 10km classic race on Monday in 33:14 ahead of two Canadians, Sheila Kealey with a time of 33:54 and Marg Fedyna who finished in 34:42.

The men’s 10km classic fastest time went to Biagio Di Santo of Italy (30-34) who finished in 28:16 while the freestyle overall male title went to Pavel Petr of the Czech Republic (40-44) in 25:24.

The fastest US male in classic racing was Eric Martin in 28:26, finishing ahead of Canadian Stephan Desfosses in 29:44.

The USA’s Nathan Schultz posted the best North American freestyle finish with the quickest time of 26:08 while Canadian Michele Labrie posted the second fastest NA time in 27:11.

“It was a great course, and a great day,” said Canuck William Gardner of his M09 (70-74) 10km classic race . “Everything was great. The snow was perfect.”

Canada’s Nancy Burden had a superb race, leading by two minutes in the 45-49 category with the fastest female freestyle race time. “I wanted to be right at the front, but not push too hard and then as soon as I get into the hills, that’s my strength… as soon as there’s climbing, then just start to wind it up. That was my approach.”

Local skiers continue to show their home town advantage, with Pat Pearce scoring her second gold in the women’s classic (55-59) and Marta Green taking gold in the 10km freestyle (30-34).

“It was a really tough race today, but very exciting,” said Pearce. “The conditions are absolutely perfect. I could go up every hill the way I like to.

“I absolutely feel that I have an advantage. I know the course, I know where I can pick up speed, I know where I can relax. I feel like it’s been a big advantage.”

Local Olympian Joe Derochie had the loudest fan club, drawing over 70 spectators to watch his race. Derochie was racing in the men’s freestyle (70-75) while his son Darren, also an Olympian, raced in the classic (40-44).

Derochie said “Me and the Swede fella worked one against another, and I caught him on a hill. My skis were well waxed. It was a good race.”

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