Still smiling even at 3,000m above sea level. [P] The Nish

Kershaw Report – Park City 2012 Done-Zo

October 21, 2012 (Canmore, AB) – It’s been a busy last month and a half and when things are busy they tend to rip along at a good clip. Things are getting real … READ MORE → 0 comments

I count myself lucky to have buddies like these dudes that also love to get after it while wearing spandex and skiing on the skinny skis. [P] courtesy of Devon Kershaw

Kershaw Report – New Zealand 2012

September 13, 2012 (New Zealand) – Here’s what you need to know about beards. A) They can be pretty nasty (especially when partaking in winter endurance activities – goobers tend to get lodged … READ MORE → 0 comments

Game face...Haha, I don't have one - this is me geting ready for some round action in Davos [P] Nordic Focus

Ddorf, Davos, Rogla, Davos. What’s Up.

December 26, 2011 (Davos, Switzerland) – Apparently, life’s been good the last few weeks because I’ve been too busy eating stellar food, taking saunas, drinking cappuccinos, training hard and hitting up all the … READ MORE → 1 comment

Seeing and eating food like this after a month of most-definitely not eating food like this has been stellar. [P] Devon Kershaw

Kuusamo and What’s Up Now

December 01, 2011 – It’s a staple on the World Cup circuit – and this was my 5th anniversary enjoying (cough) the Lapland gem? It doesn’t change much. You all know it’s dark … READ MORE → 0 comments


Norway’s a Nice Place But I’ve Had Better Weekends

November 22, 2011 (Ruka, Finland) – After traveling North/East yesterday up here to Kuusamo, my motivation to write a report on how the weekend went eluded me. Simply put – the weekend wasn’t … READ MORE → 0 comments

Kev, G-Kill, Nish, Drew and Babs smiling - on skis the afternoon of October 15th. Not too shabby. [P] Devon Kershaw

The Best Place on Earth you Could Ask to Live

October 24, 2011 (Canmore, AB) – It’s been a busy fall season – as they all seem to be. The days are getting noticeably shorter, and the leaves are evacuating the trees faster … READ MORE → 0 comments


Arrived in New Zealand and Some Catch Up…

August 03, 2011 (Snow Farm, New Zealand) – Cath, the British import/barista/manager of the Snow Farm, is just blasting the early 2000s hit “Beautiful Day” by U2. And I mean blasting it as … READ MORE → 0 comments

The "real" musicians dragged me up on stage for a song or two to butcher. I guess it's what they say - "fake it 'till you make it." [P] courtesy of Devon Kershaw

Kershaw Report – Full Swing Spring

June 06, 2011 – It’s on. Ok, I’m behind the ball – it’s been “on” for over a month now and recently I’ve even completed my first training camp of the season – … READ MORE → 0 comments

World Championships GOLD - unbelievable. [P] courtesy of Devon Kershaw

Kershaw Report – World Championships, Spring World Cups, and Home…

April 02, 2011 (Canmore, AB) – My winter’s over although here in the Bow Valley, you’d never now it. I should rephrase: my 2010/11 competitive winter is done. Looking back, I am thrilled … READ MORE → 0 comments

Devon Kershaw (CAN) [P] Nordic Focus

Kershaw’s Drammen Report – You Can’t Always Get What You Want…

February 21, 2011 (Drammen, Norway) – Sitting in the ice bath willing my sore/tired body to recover I picked an old Rolling Stones diddy to keep me company and keep my mind off … READ MORE → 0 comments


Kershaw Report – Tour de Ski Wrap

January 13, 2011 (Canmore. AB) – The fifth ever edition of the Tour de Ski is over and done with. I am comfortably sitting in a “Nighbor driving” laid back position up in … READ MORE → 1 comment


Kershaw Report – Kuusamo Mini-Tour

December 01, 2010 (Kuusamo, Finland) – I’m currently hanging out in the Kuusamo airport eagerly awaiting my flight to Helsinki – the first part of my voyage out of the darkness and into … READ MORE → 0 comments

Here's a more "close up" of the upper lip nastiness... [P] Devon Kershaw

Kershaw Report – 15km Skate in Bruksvallarna and Now in Gällivare

November 17, 2010 (Gällivare, Sweden) – The 15km skate in Bruksvallarna was similar to most other season opening distance races I’ve done over here in Europe. It’s burns the lungs, and your legs … READ MORE → 0 comments

Dasha and Chandra on a training...[P] courtesy of Chandra Crawford

Kershaw Report from Bruksvallarna

November 13, 2010 (Bruksvallarna, Sweden) – My day is ending much the same way it began: lying on my bed in my underwear with my legs up on the wall listening to The … READ MORE → 0 comments

Tuck suck...Park City is the place to be! [P] Devon Kershaw

Kershaw Report – Park City Camp Update

October 08, 2010 (Park City, UT) – It’s like clockwork. The leaves turn, the days get shorter, the mornings turn nippy and our Canadian xc ski crew make our yearly move south in … READ MORE → 0 comments


Kershaw Report – Montana, Sudbury, Quebec…

September 22, 2010 – There’s only eight NFL Sundays left until I’m on snow skiing around Bruksvallarna, Sweden, beginning my assault on the 2010/11 racing season. Eight weeks of the dry land madness … READ MORE → 0 comments

Minutes after my first New Zealand Monopoly win. Needless to say, I was "pretty pump bout' dat' " [P] Devon Kershaw

Kershaw Report – New Zealand: The Camp That Keeps on Giving

August 13, 2010 (Wanaka, New Zealand) – We’re stoked to have top Canadian xc skier Devon Kershaw on board this season in our Skier Blog section currently being revamped. Here’s the latest from … READ MORE → 0 comments

(l-r) Stef, Alex, Babs... [P] Devon Kershaw

Kershaw Report from the Snow Farm – The Travel Begins in NZ

July 31, 2010 (Wanaka, NZ) – Time is flying past now, I almost feel like the Doc’ in Back to the Future, it’s going that fast. After a meaningful and successful Share the … READ MORE → 0 comments