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Hello from the Mayo – Going Home!

– Hi Everyone, here’s a note my mom wrote up about what the doctors at the Mayo have concluded based on the millions of tests they’ve had me do. Feeling better and happy to … READ MORE →

Training Hour Charts

– First off, let me say that the template for these charts are from the Cross Country Canada’s Coaches education program. The original chart is singular in it’s presentation with the prescribed hours being … READ MORE →

SkiTrax 2009-2010 North American (NA) Nordic Ski Awards

– Welcome to the SkiTrax Annual North American (NA) Nordic Ski Awards honouring top skiers from across the USA and Canada for the 2009/10 season determined by votes from readers at It was … READ MORE →

Beckie Scott Story Part III of IV

Competing and Coming Back On One’s Own Terms

It’s almost like alchemy — to watch Beckie Scott turn the page from the disappointment that was Nagano and come into the Salt Lake Olympics a changed competitor. Then to watch bronze turn to silver, … READ MORE →

Dear Dmitry!
The entire Russian ski team is appealing to you for help. We need to change the system of our Ski Federation. Right now everyone is looking for culprits for our failure at the Olympics, … READ MORE →

Beckie Scott Story Part 1

Family & Friends & The Early Years
It’s December 2008 as I run into Beckie Scott at Kaffe Klatsch, an uber-swank Swiss coffee shop in downtown Davos, Switzerland. Skis are stacked beside the outdoor cafe patio. … READ MORE →