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Diggins and Hanneman Win Sprint F Titles at 2017 USSA SuperTour Finals in Fairbanks + PHOTOS


March 30, 2017 (Fairbanks, Alaska) – Jessie Diggins (Stratton) and Logan Hanneman (APU) claimed the skate Sprint titles on day two of the 2017 USSA SuperTour Finals and Distance National Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Women's Podium (l-r) Randall 2nd, Diggins 1st, Flowers 3rd [P] Lance Parrish, Fairbanks

Jessica Diggins [P] Lance Parrish, Fairbanks
APU’s Kikkan Randall was second with Erika Flowers (Stratton) taking third in the women’s race. Canadian Evan Palmer-Charrette (Lappe Nordic) landed second on the men’s podium with Tyler Kornfield (APU) third – results below.

Men's Podium (l-r) Palmer-Charrette 2nd, Hanneman 1st, Kornfield 3rd [P] Lance Parrish, Fairbanks
Logan Hanneman [P] Lance Parrish, Fairbanks

Sprint Qualifier here.
Sprint results here.
Sprint Brackets here.



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