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Dr. Michele Ferrari Found Guilty in Biathlete Daniel Taschler Affair – Receives 18-Month Suspended Sentence

by John Symon

April 05, 2017 (Bolzano, Italy) – Dr. Michele Ferrari was handed down an 18-month suspended sentence by an Italian court for his role in distributing doping products to biathlete Daniel Taschler reports the European press.

The Taschler affair dates back to 2010-11. Ferrari has repeatedly denied his culpability in this affair, but was found guilty on the basis of evidence provided by Italian police based on recorded telephone conversations between the two men.

Ferrari, who once famously declared that, “EPO is no more dangerous than orange juice,” must also pay a fine of 15,000 euros (about $21,500 CDN) to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as well as lesser fines of 3.600 to 4.500 euros. Ferrari also sees his medical license suspended for 18 months.

Ferrari gained notoriety for his role in collaborating with former cyclist Lance Armstrong to dope his way to seven Tour de France victories. For this, Ferrari was banned from the sporting world for life by USADA in 2012.

Taschler, received a suspended sentence as well – nine months in his case. He is the son of Gottlieb Taschler, a former president of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) who also received a suspended sentence.

The lawyers of all three men found guilty on April 4 have already lodged appeals.

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