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FIS Claims Russia May Lose Ski Competitons Because of State-sponsored Doping


October 17, 2016 (Lahti, Finland) – According to a recent report in Europe Online, FIS may yet strip Russia of ski competitions this coming season depending on the outcome of further investigations into the state-sponsored doping affair. While no collective punishment or ban is supposedly planned FIS president Gian Franco Kasper is quoted as saying “It can‘t be ruled out that all international events in Russia will be cancelled next season because of the state doping.”

Kasper made the comments while at the Forum Nordicum event in Lahti. Apparently WADA investigator, Richard McLaren, will also be releasing a second report addressing the alleged tampering of Russian athlete samples at the official laboratory during the Sochi 2014 Games to conceal substance abuse.

Read Europe Online here.
Read McLaren Report #1 here.

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  1. Marty Hall, NH, USA says:

    Finally and/or comments from Kasper that FIS may take sanctioning action to relieve Russia of all it’s winter sports competitions under its auspices, this winter.
    This sanction is a mere pittance, if that is all that is handed down when you look at the drugging history for Russia for the last 50 years.Yes, because of all the butt dragging by sports leaders,the likes of Kasper, the history has been way deeper in building a record none of us would believe, if it ever became public.
    You have to live with it Franco!!!

  2. xcskier22, Montana, says:

    First Kasper has to PROVE that doping happened. Most of the Russian national team trains outside of Russia, with foreign coaches that have nothing to do with any Russian model. They are regularly tested outside of Russia by WADA and compliant international anti-doping labs. This whole hysteria about ‘state sponsored’ doping is merely a political ploy. They tried to take away the 2013 Track World’s from Moscow. That didn’t work. They tried to sabotage and potentially take away the Sochi Olympics. Didn’t work either. They tried to ban all the Russians from Rio. Nope. Now they are trying hard to politically and economically stifle Russia by this new game of ‘tit for tat.’ Just look at who is funding WADA and you’ll see what’s going on.

    What about the Norwegians, who have been suspicious for YEARS? What about the recent Sundby and Johaug positives? Should we take away Holmenkollen off the world cup calendar this year?

    Let’s keep off the cold war rhetoric. With all the modern technology, the way we can do our own research, not many will be fooled by this political rhetoric.

    The Americans were never banned from any Olympics when there was ‘systematic’ hiding or distraction of HUNDREDS of positive tests from Olympic and World Champions in all sorts of Olympic sanctioned sports. If they ban the Russians, it will tell us it is massively hypocritical.

    Should Jessie Diggins and Sophie Caldwell and Simi Hamilton suffer, because there is widespread doping in American pro sports like football and baseball? That would be ludicrous!!

    Should the Atlanta Olympics and Salt Lake City Olympics been awarded in the first place, considering what the USOC and USATF were doing?

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