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Gregg and Bratrud Take West Yellowstone 5/10km FR Opener


November 25, 2017 (West Yellowstone, MT) – Caitlin Gregg (CXC Team/LNR/Team Gregg) edged out Caitlin Patterson (CGRP) by a mere 0.9s in the women’s 5km FR as the season got underway in the US at the West Yellowstone Festival following Thanksgiving celebrations. Petra Hyncicova (University of Colorado) claimed the final podium spot.

Caitlin Gregg [P] Ian Harvey / Toko

The men’s race featured another squeaker with CXC’s Kyle Bratrud coming out on top by an even tighter margin of 0.6s over Rogan Brown (SVSEF) followed by his teammates Kevin Bolger and Jack Hegman. Montana’s Karsten Hokanson finished 5th.

Full Results here.

Kyle Bratrud [P] Ian Harvey / Toko


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