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Job Notice – Highlands Trailblazers Junior COMPetitive Lead Coach

release by Highlands Nordic

April 24, 2017 – The Highlands Trailblazers seeks an experienced competitive skier with strong coaching skills to manage the training program for the “COMP” racing program the Club is adding for the 2017/18 season.  This new program is being formed in response to the rapid growth the Club has experienced over the last few years.

About Highlands Trailblazers Ski Club
The Highlands Trailblazers Ski Club is a nonprofit component of Highlands Nordic Inc. It operates year round, helping skiers build new skills, race and enjoy a social, friendly, team atmosphere. The club operates out of Highlands Nordic in Duntroon, just minutes south of Collingwood. The Trailblazers consistently rank among the top 5 ski clubs in Ontario and are only one of three clubs to offer an on-premise biathlon program. The Club has produced skiers that have competed at the national and international level. It’s training programs follow the Cross Country/Biathlon Canada Long Term Athlete Development principles, with programs ranging from Biathlon Bears and Jackrabbits through to the Train to Compete “Comp” and “Comp 0.22” teams. A Board of Directors manages the Club, with the racing program lead by Head Coach Rick Dickey.

The Junior COMPetitive Program
The “Jr. Comp” program was developed to focus on athletes at the “Train to Train” LTAD level when they progress through their peak growth period. It provides opportunities for the continual progression of technical skills and physical capacities. It is a high-energy program which places heavy emphasis on team building, group interaction and confidence while working to reach common goals.

Athletes have learned how to train as part of a Track Attack or equivalent program with an expectation that they are independently driven to be active every day. They have at least one year of experience racing in cross-country or biathlon at a provincially recognized event (Midget Champs, Paraffin Series, etc).

Key features of the program include: * Training from July 1 until the end of March
* 1-3 or 4 practices a week (depending on the training season) * frequent camps for team development and skill development
* Two 3-day camps in the Summer and two 3-day camps in the Fall
* Two snow camps in December * an expectation to participate in team events to help unite and build the HTB program * work with an assigned senior mentor athlete to work with through the year. * a commitment to training and working as a team member * suggested training plan to work from that will be provided each month * agility and strength testing to assess the athlete’s skill level

Full job description here.

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