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Katherine Stewart-Jones Report from NZ – Winter Down Under

by Katherine Stewart-Jones

September 04, 2017 (Wanaka, NZ) – Perfect winter conditions. That is what I was promised before I made the decision to travel 12,000 KM to New Zealand. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. Before this trip the farthest South I had ever been was New York City. So, For the first time ever, I flew South far past the Big Apple to, ironically, find winter.

Katherine Stewart-Jones in NZ [P] KSJ
I was joined by 6 of my teammates from across Canada as well as the Alberta World Cup Academy coach, Chris Jeffries. 24 hours after leaving Canada, we arrived in Queenstown, NZ. We then packed 7 duffels, 4 ski bags and 7 bodies into a rental van and drove the twisty, windy and puke inducing mountain road that led us to our new home, the Snow Farm. The Snow Farm is literally what it sounds like: lots and lots and lots of snow… AKA heaven for cross-country skiers!

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Snow Farm in NZ [P] KSJ

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