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McLaren Report 2 Due Today – New Russian Doping Findings Expected as IOC’s Bach Calls for Lifetime Bans

by John Symon
Richard Mclaren [P] Western University
December 09, 2016 (Montreal, QC) – Investigator Dr. Richard McLaren has released another report on Russian doping for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) the details of which will be released on Dec. 9. A previous report on this subject, authored by McLaren, a Canadian, concluded that state-sponsored doping in Russia represents “an unprecedented attack on the integrity of sport”.

This report most famously investigated allegations of “disappearing positive test results” at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games and led to a partial ban of Russian athletes at the Rio Olympics and a complete ban of Russian athletes at the Rio Paralympics. A ban on Russian athletes at all international athletics competitions also resulted from WADA’s reports. All of this follows up on allegations that surfaced in December 2014 on German TV. Stay tuned for further news…

In anticipation of today’s report, International Olympic committee (IOC) Chairman Thomas Bach president called for lifetime bans of Russian convicted for their implication in such doping schemes according to CBC.

CBC report here.
BBC time line since 2014 here.

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  1. Marty Hall, NH, USA says:

    As I read all of this—I feel like they are trying not to catch the dopers, but how to not move forward in sanctioning them.
    I feel like if you aren’t there to see the doping take place—everything becomes suspect—it all seems so grey and murky, and there will be no indictments.
    Almost, like they want to let them go—-a job certainly not well done—-and these are our leaders in sport.

  2. joegalanes, vermont, usa says:

    Marty: McLaren has referred the names on the protected lists to the relevant federations. I don’t think WADA has authority to sanction individuals. The report makes clear that names have been referred to the sport federations. If the xc medalists from Sochi were on the list and their B samples were tampered with – I think we will see sanctions for their efforts to evade testing under WADA Rule 2.5.

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