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New Blood Doping Scandal with 10,000 Tests Hits Winter Olympics


February 04, 2018 – Only days before the Pyeonchang 2018 Olympic Games begin a new database leak with results from more than 10,000 blood tests suggest 1/3 of all medallists recorded results judged as suspicious report the Daily Mail Online and Sportschau in Germany. The cache reveals that some skier’s blood was so dangerously thick that they should have been in hospital. It includes 50+ South Korean skiers who scored abnormal blood tests. The results of the analysis over the last 16 years was startling suggesting that both male and female cross-country skiers were classed as “likely doping” or “suspicious” by at least one expert. The fresh doping scandal comes just days after Russian skier Alexander Legkov had his life-time ban overturned… read more here and here.

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  1. ianism, Quebec, Canada says:

    Just keep in mind that this is from the Daily Mail, a right-wing publication with a long history of shoddy journalism. I don’t know about the German site. Just take everything with a grain of salt or two and we’ll see how this plays out.

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