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Norway Launches Prosjekt 2022 to Foster Women’s Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping

release by FIS XC

June 09, 2017 – With the support of “Olympiatoppen”, the Norwegian Ski Federation has launched a project to foster the development of women’s Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined in Norway. The project with the title “Prosjekt 2022” aims to bring more girls into the sport of Nordic Combined and to widen the number of girls involved in high level ski jumping.

Norway's Hanna Midtsundstad [P] Flawia Krawczyk
Former ski jumper Line Jahr has been employed by the Ski Federation and NTG Lillehammer and will act as the head coach for “Prosjekt 2022″. Having to end her career due to a knee injury, Jahr will now go through a coach education process in the upcoming summer and autumn but has a broad academical background related to teaching, leadership and motivation. The women’s head coach Christian Meyer will act as her mentor and she is set to collaborate with other experienced trainers from the NTG system.

“I am very much looking forward to work within this project. The sport of ski jumping has given me a lot and it is a big honour and a must to give back through this project“, Jahr is quoted on

One of the big goals to be achieved by the project is a change of the culture among girls. They will learn what it means to be an elite athlete and what it means to make the right decisions. The focus is on development, effort and cooperation and the girls have to show that they are worthy of the places in the program. Nevertheless, it is an open project and other girls can come in if they show a positive development and improvement. Different girls will also be picked to join selected training camps in cooperation with their coaches.

Selected athletes for “Prosjekt 2022”

Anna Odine Strøm
Silje Opseth
Thea Kleven
Anniken Mork
Karoline Røstad
Ingebjørg Saglien Bråthen
Eva Elise Amble
Hanna Midtsunstad
Tonje Bakke

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