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Roller Ski World Record Attempt


June 18, 2017 (Hayscastle, Wales) – Welsh cross-country ski instructor, Chris Gouldsmith, will attempt to establish a world record by roller skiing 1,450km / 900 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats on August 1 to become the first person ever to complete the journey on roller skis. The ex-soldier, arctic adventurer, and Ironman coach is taking on the challenge to raise awareness of roller skiing as a sport and to raise funds for two charities: the National Autistic Society and Headway a brain injury charity.

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  1. Tim Kelley, AK, USA says:

    900 miles is a long roller ski. But how is it a “world record”, as stated here and in the linked article? People have roller skied longer distances. In 1979 a group of roller skiers crossed the US from the Pacific Ocean to Lake Placid (4000 miles). Raymond Dombrovski (UAA alum) and friends skied from Prudhoe Bay, AK to the Baja in Mexico in the late 80’s (5000 miles). In the 90’s a group of US Nordic Combined development team skiers skied the Alaska Highway (1500+ miles). Just because you are the first person to ski from point A to point B, like this dude, that doesn’t make it a “world record”. No one has likely ever skied the 900 mile Ring Road around Iceland. If that were done would it be a “world record”? No way. It would be a first, but not a “world record”.

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