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Russian Warrant Issued for Rodchenkov former Director of Anti-doping Lab that Oversaw Sochi 2014


September 29, 2017 – According to several news sources Russian whistle-blower Grigory Rodchenkov, the former director of Moscow’s anti-doping lab that oversaw drug testing at the 2014 Winter Olympics Sochi, is on an international wanted list. On Sept. 28 a Moscow court apparently issued an arrest warrant for Rodchenkov who fled to the USA in January 2016 after revealing Russia’s elaborate state-sponsored doping scheme that involved dozens of Russian athletes at the Sochi Olympics – he reportedly admitted to “intentionally destroying” 1,417 test samples ahead of an audit.¬†The ruling could be a step toward demanding Rodchenkov’s extradition although¬†Russia does not have an extradition treaty with United States. – read more here and here.

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