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Skinouk Roller Ski Cup a Success – Biggest CCC Canctioned Rollerski Event Ever Held


November 03, 2017 (Gatineau, Que.) – A beautiful autumn day greeted 90 skiers to the first ever Skinouk Roller Ski Cup. It wasn’t without any challenges leading up to the day of the event, but in the end, the stars aligned – along with skiers at the start line.

Skinouk Open Men's rollerski race [P]
Skinouk club did an amazing job showcasing the best of what Gatineau Park has to offer, delivering a challenging roller ski course with magnificent scenery.

Racing was both hard and spectacular, and in the end, athletes were wishing they could participate in more of these events in the future.

CCC has heard you, athletes!

Junior and juvenile boys start

Junior and juvenile girls in action

Open men start

Results HERE

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