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SkiTrax Roundtable #3 – These Answers Will Surprise You


February 07, 2018 (Toronto, ON) – With the Games just around the corner we slipped in two more questions to the SkiTrax Roundtable crew including Alex Harvey, Kikkan Randall, Devon Kershaw, Andy Newell and Sadie Bjornsen for round three… If you could choose to be an Elite athlete in another sport what would it be and why? Check out their replies here.

Harvey, Randall, Kershaw, Newell and Bjornsen [P] Nordic Focus
They all also took on our tough first question as well… “As the new FIS president, what are your top objectives?”…read their answers here. Round two was a blast as well when you find out who did Harvey’s laundry here. Let us know your thoughts on this new section at and look for round four coming shortly.


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