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Supercamp at Sovereign Lake & SilverStar – February is Your Last Chance

release by XC Supercamp

January 29, 2018 (Sovereign Lake, BC) – The season is not over yet. In fact at Sovereign Lake and SilverStar there is a base of over 200cm, the skiing is amazing and the season is far from over. February is a great time to join us at Supercamp!

[P] Supercamp
Why a Supercamp in February?
Well, it’s winter and there is amazing skiing on 105km of daily groomed and track set terrain.
Not only that, but you have had all season to ski, get some mileage, practice your skiing and perhaps even develop a bad habit. This Supercamp is your chance to refine and further develop your technique and you have the rest of the season to practice it!

Whether you are you training for a race or you struggling with something specific, our coaches will help you find the success you are after. Do you want to learn to go further with less effort? Come accomplish your skiing goals before the end of the season!

Register here for your February XC SUPERCAMP experience!

Receive a booking code for 20% off Accommodation at Silver Star Mountain Resort when you registered for XC Supercamp.
Don’t wait! register for Supercamp so you can book yours now here!

What’s Included in your Supercamp:
– SWIX Waxing Session
– Wine & Yoga
– Guest Speaker
– Personalized Coaching
– Trail Passes
– Lunches for all days

For more information, visit here.

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