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Telemark Launches Norwegian Bid for 2026 Winter Olympics


November 05, 2017 – According to several news outlets including Inside the Games, local officials in Telemark, Norway have officially launched plans for the Norwegian county to bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics. The Sport Councils of the cities Tinn and Notoden have apparently confirmed the pending bid. “I can confirm that we want to bring the Winter Olympics to Telemark,” the county’s municipal sporting committee Chief Geir Berge Nordtveit confirmed to NRK. The announcement follows Oslo’s controversial bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics which collapsed in 2014 as the Games were eventually awarded to Beijing. Telemark’s dream may be too big, however, as critics have already come forward saying the bid is a long shot. Calgary, Alberta is mentioned as one of the possible contenders. Read more here and here.

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