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The CCES Completes Testing of Team Canada Prior to PyeongChang 2018

release by CCES
February 07, 2018 – “The CCES has fulfilled its promise to Canadian sport and its commitment to the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) through a robust, comprehensive intelligence based testing program for Canadian athletes,” said Paul Melia, President and CEO of the CCES.In addition to a comprehensive pre-games testing program, all 226 nominated Canadian athletes were provided with anti-doping education and a number of anti-doping resources.“Doping steals special moments from everyone involved in sport, but especially hard-working clean athletes,” said Melia. “The CCES, as Canada’s independent ethics and sport organization, is proud to work with Canadian sport in the fight against doping and the other negative forces that tarnish good sport.”Congratulations to all Team Canada athletes on their hard work and dedication to clean sport. The CCES encourages all athletes to show support for #MyMoment – a social media campaign created to spread a united call for clean sport, while also drawing attention to anti-doping in PyeongChang. The global campaign highlights the fact that doping can steal irreplaceable moments from athletes and threaten the credibility of sport. See more here.

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