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USA’s Diggins Fab 4th in Women’s Sprint CL in Planica as Sweden’s Nilsson Wins


January 20, 2018 (Planica, Slovenia) – The USA’s Jessie Diggins powered to a fab 4th-place finish in the women’s Sprint CL in Planica, Slovenia as Sweden’s Stina Nilsson took the win over Norway’s Kathrine Rolsted Harsem in second with her teammate Mika Caspersen Falla in third.

Jessie Diggins [P] Nordic Focus
Sophie Caldwell made semi finals as a Lucky Loser and finished ninth. Sadie Bjornsen was boxed out in her quarter final and ended up 21st while Ida Sargent was 23rd.

Stina Nilsson [P] Nordic Focus
“This was my first time in Slovenia, so this course was new to me but I love it! It’s a really hard one with some tight corners and a fast finishing stretch, and it’s an exciting one to ski,” said Diggins.

Sophie Caldwell [P] Nordic Focus
“I’m really happy with where my classic skiing is at this season. I’ve made the finals of every sprint I’ve qualified for this season which was a big goal of mine – to get better with my consistency in making it through rounds,” she continued.

Weather made things interesting as the course was set in the shadows of the towering peaks along the Slovenian-Austrian border.

“The course was changing out there today as the sun came over the mountains and warmed up the tracks, so our wax techs were working hard all day to keep up with the changing kick! But I was really happy with how we worked together and had great communication, and I felt like I was able to go out and hammer my hardest. Looking forward to the 10km classic tomorrow,” she concluded.

Sadie Bjornsen [P] Nordic Focus
“It was a “strange” day out there today. I felt good in my qualifier, but was sure I knew where I had lost some time, so I was really looking forward to the heats. The quarterfinal got off to a quick start, and I fought the first half of the race trying to find my good position. As I crested over the top of the high point, I headed into the last corner feeling really great about my plan of attack. I had an awesome corner, and was coming into the perfect place to push the final hill and finish stretch, where I felt like I could find my strength. Unfortunately, there was some fighting for the track beside me, and before I knew it Sandra was laying on top of my skis, and I was going down,” said Bjornsen.

“Some days you make your luck, and some days you find some bad luck. I have had a couple moments in the past few races that I have found some bad luck, and discovered myself on the ground, but I am ready to start making my own luck again. I am getting this out of my system before the big show arrives. My plan is to sit out the race tomorrow, and make sure I am completely recovered from the tour so I am ready to rally some races to come, and start making my own luck again,” she added. Bjornsen will sit out Sunday’s 10k classic to continue her recovery from the Tour de Ski.

Results here.

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