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SkiTrax FIS Fantasy World Cup 2016/17 Contest Standings after Ulricehamn


January 25, 2017 (Toronto, ON) – We’re pleased to present the standings in the FIS Fantasy Contest standings following Ulricehamn where Canada’s Alex Harvey won stunning 15km FR gold here for historic back-to-back victories as he and Lenny Valjas won Team Sprint gold the week before in Toblach, Italy here. Then Team Canada took home brilliant bronze as they reached the podium the first time in the men’s 4×7.5km World Cup relay in Sweden on Sunday – read more here.

In the Fantasy Contest standings Blue Hills still has the lead with 910 points while team ahbfoster maintains second spot with 894 points. We have a tie for third as #Stavbrott and Antoschka both have 893 points.

Pls view the full contest standings after Ulricehamn HERE.

SkiTrax Fantasy FIS World Cup 2016/17 Contest Prizes

* 1st Prize Yoko YXR Racing Skate skis, 9100 Poles and Bindings (value $1,025)
* 2nd PrizeNipika Mountain Resort – 2 nights lodging in fully equipped cabin incl. all amenities (value $875)
* 3rd Prize Salomon S-Lab Skate Pro/Skate Boots (value $500)
* 4th Prize Bjorn Daehlie Raw Jacket – men’s or women’s (value $499)
* 5th Prize – Supercamp
2.5-day weekend camp w/coaching, lunches, trail passes etc. (value $445)
* 6th Prize
Yes Skiwax Roto Drill Kit (value $395)
* 7th Prize
CCC High Sierra Rolling Duffle Bag (value $250)
* 8th Prize – High Peaks Cyclery Ski Care w/Stone Grind, Hot Box, Hardening, Race Prep (value $150)
* 9th PrizeConcept2 Goodie Duffle Bag (value $100)
* 10th PrizeSkiTrax Poor-boy hat (value $20)

* WCup Breaks SkiTrax 1-yr Subscription (value $15)

SkiTrax is North America’s leading Nordic skiing publication and the official magazine of the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) and Cross Country Canada (CCC).

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  1. ianism, Quebec, Canada says:

    a couple questions.
    a) you haven’t added in the TdS points yet, have you? I mean for the podium, not for stage wins… presumably you’re not counting those?
    b) are the kick and glide points added in at the end, or added on as the season progresses?

    Doing it one way or the other frankly doesn’t change anything with regard to the final standings, but it’d make it more clear to us what the final standings will be if these were added in as the season went along.

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